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May 04, 2017

Quantum Networking:  Deployments, Components and Opportunities – 2017-2026

For the past 15 years, major service providers and research institutions worldwide have run quantum network trials. We are now entering a period in which permanent quantum networks are being built.  These are designed initially to support quantum encryption services, but will soon also provide the infrastructure for quantum computing. 

CIR believes that as quantum networks are deployed, they will eventually create opportunities at the service level, but more immediately at the components and modules level.  This is because quantum networks will require a slew of new optical networking technologies to make them function effectively.  In this report, CIR identifies the leading opportunities that will emerge from the building of quantum networks throughout the world.

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Jun 19, 2017

The Embedded Optics Market: COBO and its Alternatives – 2017-2026

CIR believes embedded optics is on the verge of creating a major business opportunity for the optical components, modules and communications chips companies. Embedded optics has been available as a niche technology for many years, but the recent success of the Consortium for on-Board Optics (COBO) has transported embedded optics into the limelight and has made embedded optics a key focus of firms expecting to build their businesses around next-generation optics.

It is tempting to treat COBO as just another MSA.  However, we believe that something a more important is going on here.  As we see it, COBO is more similar to the old ATM Forum; an organization that took data communications and telecommunications in a whole new direction.  In particular, we have been told for more than 15 years that an essential for high-speed modules is that they be pluggable, while embedded optics teaches completely the opposite doctrine.  Embedded optics also imply an entirely new direction for switch design – one in which the optics and electronics are positioned in close proximity.

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May 15, 2017

Quantum Encryption Systems Markets:  A Technology and Business Opportunity Forecast – 2017 to 2026

Quantum encryption (aka quantum key distribution, QKD) is the first encryption process that is essentially unbreakable; a very strong use case in these days of ubiquitous hacking.  Also driving the market for quantum encryption is the fact that its addressable market is expanding from specialized projects sponsored by governments and giant financial institutions to large data centers, of which there are a large and growing number.

Although systems for have been deployed by governments and financial institutions for at about 15 years, CIR now sees prospects for their much wider use and we also note that a select group of venture capitalists are stepping up to the plate to fund new firms in this area.  This report identifies the business opportunities that are emerging in this new market environment for QKD. 

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Apr 07, 2017


This report provides a ten-year roadmap and competitive analysis of the emerging market for optical connectivity products for consumer electronics applications and closely related video applications.

Until recently optical communications in the home was limited to niches for audiophiles and videophiles.  However, new applications such as virtual reality and home networking are creating high volume opportunities for both established fiber optics companies and startups.  Meanwhile, these opportunities are expanding to include professional video and A/V applications.  Topics covered in this report include:

  • Why optics is needed in the consumer electronics market and how it will replace copper
  • Applications driving the use of optical connectivity in the home (gaming, virtual reality, home networking, Internet-of-Things, home theater, video extension, home video editing, and lighting)
  • The role for optical interconnects and AOCs in professional video editing, broadcasting, A/V applications and the movie industry
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