New Market Opportunities for Lasers in Short-Reach Optics: 2017-2026


This report provides an analysis of the future market for lasers in short-reach optics space. For many years, this type of laser technology has been confined to variations on a VCSEL theme. VCSEL technology has proved amazingly fruitful as an enabler of short-reach and short-haul fiber optics, but has struggled with reaching the data rates that would make possible a broader use of serial optics in short-reach implementations. With all this in mind we are publishing this report to show where lasers will generate new revenues in the short-reach fiber optics boom that CIR expects to evolve. We begin this analysis by considering the future evolution of VCSELs themselves, providing a roadmap of the evolution of VCSEL technology to higher data rates. However, this report provides market analysis that goes well beyond the market for VCSELs, since CIR believes entirely new kinds of lasers will play a vital role in the future of short-reach optical communications. Thus the other types of lasers considered in this report include silicon lasers, quantum dot lasers, transistor lasers, microtube lasers, polariton lasers, germanium-tin lasers, plasmon lasers, etc. For each of these lasers, we consider their role in the context of short-reach optical communications. We also include a look at materials strategies for each of the type of lasers considers. Finally, there is a ten-year volume and value forecasts with break outs by type of laser and application. And we discuss major firms developing advanced short-reach lasers, their product/market strategies and their expectations for revenue generation.

Table of Contents

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