Charlottesville, Virginia: In its just-released report, “Opportunities in Board-Level Optical Interconnects: Optics-Enabled Circuit Boards, Optical Engines and Optical Backplanes”, industry analyst firm CIR says that “board-level” optical interconnects will reach $5.6 billion by 2022 compared with $696 million in 2017. Much of this growth will come from an entirely new class of MSA-compliant optical boards that will provide massive backbone capacity for routers and switches compared to the conventional electrical backplanes and motherboards of today.
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Active Optical Cabling Market to Reach $8.9 billion by 2022 says New CIR Report

Charlottesville, Virginia: In its just-released report, “Markets for Active Optical Cables: 2017 – 2026,” Communications Industry Researchers (CIR) claims revenues from AOCs will reach $8.9 billion by 2022 compared with $1.1 billion in 2017. Much of this growth will come from a rush to install 100 Gbps links and the growth of  hyperscale data centers. CIR is also seeing important new opportunities emerge for AOCs in 25 GigE, digital signage and personal computing.

The report focuses on the changes occurring as western AOC suppliers merge and Chinese suppliers grow market share. It also discusses applications for AOCs in data centers (Ethernet, InfiniBand and storage networks); digital signage; consumer electronics/personal computing (USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, PCIe, etc.); military networks; and campuses.  CIR believes that although there may be as many as 200 firms selling AOCs today the market is dominated by 3c-Link, 10Gtek, Amphenol, Broadcom, Finisar, Gigalight, Mellanox, Molex, Samtec, Siemon and TE Connectivity. All of these firms are profiled in this report.

This 110-page report provides granular ten-year AOC market forecasts in both volume and value terms.  Breakouts include: transceiver type, MSA, data rate, cable length, fiber type, application and country of use.  CIR has been providing coverage of AOC markets for a decade and these forecasts are based on a newly revised forecasting model.

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Data Centers will buy $4.2 Billion in Active Optical Cables by 2020 says Just-Published Report

Charlottesville, Virginia:  According to a new report from Communications Industry Researchers (CIR), the market for active optical cables (AOCs) used in data centers will reach $4.2 Billion in 2020.  This report “Active Optical Cable Markets 2015:  Data Center and High-Performance Computing Markets,” is the latest CIR report on AOCs, an area CIR has covered for a decade.

Although CIR remains bullish on AOCs, the report finds less innovation than in the past 12 months than previously, suggesting strong growth but at lower prices than might once have been expected.

For more details on this report—including a table of contents and description – see: CIR will soon publish a companion report covering AOCs for emerging markets including consumer electronics, personal computing and digital signage.

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CIR to Release New Report on Data Center Markets for Active Optical Cable Markets

Charlottesville, VA:  This past year has been good for Active Optical Cables (AOCs) markets. Data centers and HPC facilities are upgrade to 100G and high-speed IB connectivity. AOCs also continue to provide a useful path to the all-optical data center environment. Meanwhile Ethernet AOCs remain the "next big thing" and core router manufacturers have gradually started to adopt AOCs as convenient tools of the trade.

To understand the business opportunities that these trends have created, Communications Industry Researchers (CIR) will release a report on AOCs in September.  The new report, “Active Optical Cable Markets 2015:  Volume One – Data Center and High-Performance Computing Markets,” is the latest in CIR’s reports on AOCs, an area that it has been covering for almost a decade.

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Chip-Level Optical Interconnect Market to Reach $990 Million by 2020, Says Just-Published CIR Report

Charlottesville, Virginia:   Chip-to-chip and on-chip optical interconnections will generate $990 million in revenues by 2020 according to a new report from Communications Industry Researchers (CIR), the optical networking industry analyst firm.  CIR has been tracking the market for optical interconnects for almost ten years and is the leading industry analyst firm providing coverage of optical interconnects.  

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New CIR Report States that Sales of Active Optical Cables for the Data Center To Reach $1.5 billion

According to a new report from Communications Industry Researchers, sales of active optical cables (AOCs) for the data center will produce $1.5 billion in revenues by 2019.  The report “Active Optical Cable Markets – Data Center Applications,” is part of a two-volume set.  CIR has also recently published an analysis and forecast of the market for AOCs for applications in personal computing, consumer electronics and digital signage.

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New CIR Report States that Sales of Active Optical Cables for Consumer Electronics, Personal Computing and Digital Signage to Reach $1.2 billion (USD) by 2019

The market for active optical cables (AOCs) for non-data center applications will reach US$1.2 billion by 2019, according to a new report from CIR.  Non-data center applications for AOCs include personal computing, digital signage and consumer electronics.  For further details on this report -- ACTIVE OPTICAL CABLE MARKETS AND OPPORTUNITIES:  2014 TO 2024:  VOLUME II – PERSONAL COMPUTING, CONSUMER ELECTRONICS AND DIGITAL SIGNAGE MARKETS -- see:
CIR’s annual report on AOCs in data centers will be published in June 2014.   

More information of the CIR data center AOC report can be found at

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New CIR Report Says 400G Transport Market will Reach $528 Million by 2019

CIR has announced the release of a new report titled, “400G, OTN and Next-Generation Transport: A Market and Technology Forecast.” The report identifies equipment and component opportunities presented by the deployment of 400G transport in public networks.  It also profiles the approximately 25 400G trials underway worldwide.  This report also contains eight-year revenue and port forecasts for the 400G transport market with projections for both the equipment and components.  

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CIR Announces Webinar on 400G Optical Networking Market Developments

Charlottesville, Virginia:  Communications Industry Researchers, an optical networking industry analysis firm based here has just announced a Webinar identifying the market opportunities available in the data center, MAN and transport backbone from the emergence of 400G technologies.

The Webinar entitled  “400G Markets in Perspective” will be held on Feb 20, 2014 1:30 PM EST.  Complimentary registration is available at:

Trials of 400G transport are being conducted worldwide by almost every important router and WDM box vendor. Meanwhile, OTN is being adapted for 400G by the ITU-T and the IEEE is taking its first steps towards a 400 GigE standard.

With all this going on, CIR believes that 400G will be the next big revenue generator in the optical networking space. CIR has recently published two new reports on 400G; one on the commercial prospects for 400 GigE and the other on emerging 400G transport markets.

In this Webinar, CIR will present its findings from the reports. We will examine how chipmakers and optical component firms are formulating their products strategies in a networking environment in which not only have core data rates quadrupled but in which modulation formats are changing radically and once-marginal technologies, such as Raman amplification and coherent communications, are becoming the norm. We will also look at how equipment vendors are responding to the 400 G opportunity through their traditional WDM, optical packet and IP boxes and the role that proprietary ASICs will play in their strategies.

The Webinar will also review the implications of the 20 or so 400 G transport trials that have been conducted in the past years and examine the real drivers behind the 400 G “revolution.”

Presenter: Your presenter will be Lawrence Gasman, the President and Founder of CIR. Lawrence has been providing analysis of the optical networking space since 1985 and has written three books and numerous articles on both telecom technology and policy.

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Rick J. McCormack

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